John W. Reger Society

Ensuring WVWC's Long-Term Success

The John W. Reger Society is named after one of West Virginia Wesleyan's first trustees and major benefactors. It is a cumulative recognition society for those persons who make Wesleyan a part of their estate or gift planning. Membership may be secured by including the college in your will, making Wesleyan the owner or beneficiary of insurance policies, or by participating in any of the various lifetime income plans the college has available.

Membership in the society will be permanent; that is, it will continue from year to year throughout the member's lifetime so long as the commitment remains in effect.

The membership roster is displayed prominently in Wesleyan's annual donor recognition report. A membership certificate also is provided to all members.

Historically, Wesleyan has made its longest strides toward fiscal stability through bequests and significant planned gifts, while annual gifts allow the college to continue its operations from year to year. Through the John W. Reger Society, recognition is given to those who are willing to affirm their belief in West Virginia Wesleyan College.

All that is necessary to qualify for inclusion in the society is to inform the college of the provision you have made to include Wesleyan in your estate plan. The amount of the gift arrangement is not a determining factor, but the fact that you have made a commitment is.

There are those who will not want publicity related to their gift or estate planning. Those memberships may be listed as "anonymous." Be assured that any information you provide to us concerning the details of your estate plan will be held in the strictest confidence.

If West Virginia Wesleyan College is in your estate plan, let us know. If you have been thinking of including Wesleyan in your will or gift planning, or need further information or assistance, we would like to hear from you. Please contact Joshua Stump at 304-473-8600 or